At Manatís we have more than 20 years of experience in organising events, usually single-handedly. We are constantly thinking of ways to improve the experience for the attendees, by using exclusive and innovative formulas for maximum engagement.

Every event is accompanied by the development of communication plans for the duration of the event and which stand out for their creativity.


On Site Events

  Technical office with automation systems



Fundraising management

Report with metric results

Online Events

3D Staging

Streaming and interaction systems

Automatized Technical Secretary

Dynamization and content creation

Gamification and metric results


Virtual reality (VR)

Artificial Intelligence

Choreographies with drones

Robotics with facial recognition

Automation systems for customised sendings


Compliance policies

Security protocols

Data Protection


Optimisation of costs ad hoc


Analysis of the bands of interest convened

Qualitative analysis of indulgence A D-D

Exploration and transmission of the message

Impact Appraisal

ROI's obtention