Boosting online presence and improving the image of an international business association

Actualizado: 9 de jun de 2020

Manatís has been chosen to run the digital communication and corporate image of EUSGA (EuropeanSeals&GasketsAssociation), renewing their online space, especially with the production and maintenance of a new website. EUSGA was born in 2001, bringing together the largest distributors and manufacturers of industrial and mechanical seals. The association has representation in almost every European country and a turnover of 650 million euros with 2,000 employees serving 120,000 customers. The constant adaptation to changes and new challenges is vital in the world of digital communication. EUSGA has managed to detect a change in current business relations and to renew its online space, trusting in Manatís, a specialist agency in modern communication with the ability to capture new trends. In addition, the new platform defines the image projected by the organization clearly and simply, because it is very important to generate brand image in the mind of the user.

Old, new and future EUSGA members can keep in touch with other leading companies in the sector, thanks to the new communication policy designed to promote the growth of relations and exchange of ideas, enabling good networking and open communication between all the members of this organization, where easy usability is evident. For an agency like Manatís, it is a challenge to work at international level with the development of this communication project, creating new motivations in a dynamic and constantly evolving industry. Collaboration with this organization gives Manatís major prestige achieved thanks to the success of over 20 years of professional work and total dedication. Next May, Manatís will organize in Barcelona EUSGA's annual meeting and all the activities involved, such as working hours, welcome and gala dinners as well as transport logistics.

For more information contact Jacqueline Ruiz via email (comunicación@manatis.es) or phone (931135821).

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