Branded content of value for the Barça Jugadors Association

Brands always have to think about what the viewer needs. From Manatis we give the opportunity not only to give what the spectator needs but to transmit the values ​​that are identified with the sport, such as respect, effort, ambition, teamwork and positivism, all of them facilitate the journey of people, in their environment.

For this reason, we have created some television programs, which are a “life lesson for all viewers”, highlighting how a great elite professional must adapt to the changes in life, based on sacrifice and the process of Self-improvement and the closest environment. Where other stages are shown that also end up having value for the viewer. This message has been received and produced together with the presidency of the Barça Jugadors Association (ABJ). One more example of being a person who has undergone an important change in his life and feels as his own, the values ​​of the entity he represents and which have been recognized since the beginning of its creation.

For more information, and to be a co-participant in these programs, contact Mrs. Jacqueline Ruiz at the email gestionproyectos2@manatis.es or at the telephone number

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