Building and maintaining relationships between professionals

If we define networking as building and maintaining relationships between professionals, creating synergies for a business purpose, the best example has been the holding of the EUSGA Annual Convention.

This year, the host company of the convention was Epidor Seals & Rubber Technology, a leading company in the sealing sector. Its development at all times was focused on building and maintaining synergies between all the attending countries, both in Europe and the USA and India. There were three days of intense but discernible ideas and activities, in which the attendees were able to observe the manufacturing processes of the brands of the host company and its entire logistics network, in addition they had the opportunity to show their products and link labor relations between the different members, creating a very motivating and participatory environment, to the point that everyone signed up to know the wonders of Barcelona, ​​visiting prominent places such as Nova de Mar Bella beach, Los Encantes, the Bac de Roda jetty or the port. The end of the congress was held in a restaurant on the Barcelona coast where there were important tastings and traditional experiences such as drinking from a jug, which further enhanced synergies among the attendees. The dynamism of the communication we develop creates beneficial synergies. Bravo Eusga for believing in our methods!

For more information contact Jacqueline Ruiz via email comunicacion@manatis.es or phone 931135821.

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