Chef Oriol Castro, Ambassador of Honor at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Manatís

Last Thursday, February 20, the Manatís consulting firm, specialized in communication and protocol, celebrated its 25th anniversary with a panel discussion that included the participation of chef Oriol Castro, consultant and digital trainer Lluís Soldevila, and cultural journalist Natàlia Coast.

The event, which was hosted by the Barcelona Academy of Arts school of drawing, painting and sculpture, had as main attractions -in addition to the debate- a virtual reality exhibition of the most outstanding projects in Manatís; as well as a sample of the work of the Barcelona painter Jordi Alama, founder of the school. During the debate, Oriol Castro explained that, according to him, "it is necessary to develop a method and technique before releasing creativity", and that in any form of creative expression the surprise factor must appear, not only from the outside but from the interior: "the first one who has to be surprised by a new dish is me, if I don't get excited, it's not worth it".

Along the same lines, the consultant and trainer Lluís Soldevila, specialized in the digital transformation of companies, agreed that for him, "any way of expressing ideas must apply a methodology", and that it is in the technological field where most They need new ways of thinking to extract innovative ideas that differentiate an organization from its competition. On the other hand, the journalist Natalia Costa de Cultura of Europa Press, emphasized the ability that cultural journalists must have to detect which are those issues that arouse real interest in public opinion; as well as knowing how to transport to the reader a series of stories about what is currently happening. For the founder of Manatís, Jacqueline Ruiz, unifying sectors as seemingly different as gastronomy, technology, art and communication was the ideal way to honor the essence of the company: “from Manatís we have always believed that it was essential to grant value fundamental to ideas and the way we express them, regardless of the professional field to which they belong.”

From left to right: Jacqueline Ruiz, Oriol Castro, Natàlia Costa and Lluís Soldevila

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