Elevator Pitch Protocol·lari “EPP” succeeds as a communication method

Actualizado: 9 de jun de 2020

Businessmen and entrepreneurs enthusiatically welcome this new tool at the fair INNOVEM 2014 Manatís, protocol and communication agency has participated in the sixth edition of the fair INNOVEM 2014, organized by the Young Business Persons Association from the Balearic Islands. It was held at the Convention Centre in Mercadal, Menorca. One of the partners and founders, Jacqueline Ruiz instructed a group about “Protocol Elevator Pitch”. The “Elevator Pitch” is a strategy tool devised by the American Philip B. Crosby as a speech presentation about yourself or your company in a few minutes, the difference with Manatís training is not only knowing the technique but also the knowledge that the person applies to be and how to be.

In our everyday life, we receive constant information: through media, internet,… but nowadays in the 3.0 world, all this information require an answer, an interaction that because of the tools we have today (e-mail, social media, etc…) has to be immediate and in that fast process we lose our speaking skills.. In this situation Jacqueline Ruiz, specialized in protocol and communication, a member of the board of directors of the Association of Professionals of Catalunya and based on her experience of over 20 years in this industry, she has developed this method of communication “EPP”, which addresses all the elements involved in a presentation. In that way, the speaker states that “any time within the business world is like a small event, and as a small event, it should be prepared both to transmit the image, and to create a response”. In the training she achieved a great atmosphere of interaction and everybody appreciate the necessity of that tool, specially for the current business climate. More information can be found at comunicación@manatis.es

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