Exclusive international congress achieved through years of work

Actualizado: 9 de jun de 2020

We created with pride the International Convention for EPTDA, one of the largest organizations of distributors and manufacturers of power transmission and motion control in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The meeting was held for the second time in Barcelona, from 23 to 25 September 2015. As was transmitted to Manatís, the repetition was due to the effect created the first time, because of the innovative and organizational style that created a reference in subsequent editions in other European cities, according to some members of the organization. In this second Barcelona edition attended by about 450 delegates and guests from Intervention of one of the lecturers of the congress. 30 countries, we closed a prestigious hotel in the city. Manatís was responsible for the organization of people and spaces, including attention to the attendees and VIPs, creating light and sound structures and coordination with the steering committee. A congress in which Manatís marked a new challenge: to coordinate 4 private events of manufacturers in the same day, each with a unique and distinct personality for each company, organizing shows, gifts, decorations and traditional or original transport, such as horse-drawn carriages. Unique events that naturally and efficiently strengthen and/or maintain relations between manufacturers and distributors. In the development of the Social Program, Manatís intended to transmit knowledge of the culture of the country through recreational activities, to enhance relationships. This good atmosphere left unforgettable moments like the audience participation in the creation of a human tower (Castell) from the Sagrada Familia. Finally, it all ended with a gala dinner celebrated in an emblematic location in the city of Barcelona. Manatís, always with its philosophy of helping others, made a donation to a non-profit organization specializing in social exclusion, thus bringing an end to a convention marked by Networking and enriching experiences, both professionally and personally, for each of the attendees. Manatís received direct and constant appreciation from many lecturers and speakers, as well as from participants of activities organized in the social program and the welcome and gala dinners of companies and distributors. No better way to analyze the results for a communications and protocol agency. For more information contact Jacqueline Ruiz via e-mail (comunicacion@manatis.es) or this telephone number: 931 135 821

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