Manatís commemorates four decades of an international company with dynamism and excitement

Actualizado: 9 de jun de 2020

Internal communication is a must in any company and even more vital are the experiences of the employees, which guarantee any future work. Therefore, as experts in communication and protocol, Manatís took care of the complete organization of an internal convention to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Lidering with participation in activities by all its members.

anatís helped to create a dynamic and resourceful environment to generate pride of belonging to the company, representing all participants. In the evening, we arranged the space and oversaw every detail: catering, lighting, sound, decoration, rhythm of the act ... but we also created a game to reinforce the values of the company to their business strategies and improve personal relations and the team spirit of the enterprise.

Four concepts were used in that game, which Manatís considers essential to the future of a company: Know-How, Everywhere, Passion and Care. Attendees internalize and apply these values in their work thanks to their experience in the internal convention.

The event took place in an emblematic site in Montjuïc and after the activities and the recognition of team work, there were awards for recognition, fellowship and length of service of some of the attendees.

For more information you can contact Jacqueline Ruiz by phone 931 135 821 or email: comunicación@manatis.es.

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