Manatis promotes cohesion between communication and CSR

Actualizado: 10 de jun de 2020

Our agency promotes change Corporate Responsibility methods and humanizing the dynamics of communication.

Corporate Social responsibility is usually understood as a set of strategies, practices and business management systems aimed at compensating the economic, social and environmental dimensions of a company. But today, this area of management is changing. While until recently, it was limited to compliance and philanthropy (mainly grants to nonprofit and social causes or entities). Now, it is moving toward an active and voluntary contribution to both social improvement including economic and environmental areas, usually with the aim of strengthening its overall value and therefore it’s competitive position. Manatis, a communications agency with over 20 years’ experience in the market, has been characterized by adapting to the needs of society, it has witnessed these changes, and since 2008, has opened a line of work to provide support to NGOs / NPOs, with a clear focus to make available all possible tools of communication from one company to connect with the social environment: internal and external. The internal areas we cover work on several levels: staff / workers, projects and internal activities that reinforce company values and sense of belonging; with the development of specific communication tools and their training sessions. In contrast, to the external market environment, via products, campaigns, ads, online communication, etc. We strive to focus on the message so that it enhances the values of the organization and contribute to the humanization of the company image. At Manatis, we believe that CSR actions are not feasible without accompanying economic growth to strengthen its continuity, therefore, we offer proposals related to social communication projects with measurable results for businesses.

Without going any further, and to lead by example, we get involved with the creation of an NGO linked to emergency training projects for the most vulnerable members of the population, the ‘EMER Project’. (www.educaremergencias.org). We believe that when there is harmony between the client and Manatis, we can develop most of our professional work and succeed in a more humanized communication. "With good communication, we will listen, and work to that end"

For more information: comunicacion@manatis.es

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