Manatis transformation in times of crisis

Actualizado: 20 de nov de 2020

She has been many years in the market. She has been more devoted to her clients than to herself, but now the time has come and she “listens” to herself internally.

Times of crisis are key for businesses to question if they are doing good or if it may be better to choose another path and innovate.

To celebrate its 25ht anniversary, and with lots of different works on the table, the founder and General Director of Manatís, Jacqueline Ruiz C., has taken profit from the situation provoked by Covid-19 to make changes in her corporate communications, protocol and events agency. She decided to reshape its corporate image, minimizing the strategic visual elements: the triangle of the business balance between the client, the provider, and the enterprise.

The presence of the logo every time more important to any business. That is why it is the most changing element. It defines our brand-name to our possible future clients, as well as the cover of a book. We want our consumers to feel confident with the brand just looking at our corporate image, and, this way, they can connect with the services we offer.

The main objective of this change, which has dynamic, adaptable, and elegant connotations, is to demonstrate that the agency is thoroughly able of getting adapted to new situations, choosing the path of digitalization in the world of events. Manatís gives importance to small details, making special emphasis on good design and always looking for creativity and elegance.

The Covid-19 crisis has not been an obstacle for communication agencies, so they have collaborated in the reorganization and elaboration of strategic plans of communication in order to keep their clients’ services alive. Manatís, all along the lockdown and the following months of uncertainty, carried out many different projects, which are characterized by respecting all the sanitary measures imposed by the governments and other international organizations, as it could be the World Health Organizations.

Now, the whole team is getting ready to lead new projects in 2021, always looking for the best for their clients and for themselves.

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