Promoting and enhancing lyrics

Jacqueline Ruiz, director of Manatís, was responsible for coordinating and executing the entire protocol of the first lyrical television contest “L’Odissea de la veu” of Punto Hoy TV. This is an unprecedented television contest whose objective is to promote lyrical art and young singers residing in Catalonia.

L'Odissea de la Veu is a weekly program presented by Toni Guerrero and Mercè Raga and in its first edition has been broadcast from March to June 2016 on El Punt Avui TV, with its subsequent broadcast by Ràdio Estel, where 100 participants from 18 and 35 years old have contested being the best Catalan lyric music singer in 2016.

As protocol managers, we want to thank the support we had from the culture department of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which was represented by Doña María Àngels Torras y Ripoll, director of the Territorial Services of Barcelona, ​​who gave a particularly motivating and warm speech that demonstrated the ability to enhance musical art in all its diversity.

Apart from having the opportunity to hear some magnificent voices, the program was animated with performances by the ballet DANZALArriba, the baritone Lluís Síntes, the pianist Oscar Encinas, the bass Stefano Palatchi and the duo of María Ángeles Damunt and Ignacio Encinas. And a group of renowned specialists, who were the ones who ruled the winner, made up of people with high recognition in the world of poetry such as the journalist Mònica Pagès and Dr. Pedro Claros. For more information contact Jacqueline Ruiz via email comunicacion@manatis.es or phone 931135821.

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