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Protocol, the communication tool of the 21st century

Actualizado: 7 de jun de 2018

Manatis offers support to include protocol in the communication strategies of modern business

In the modern world, we face a great variety of offers in the professional world, we have the challenge to adapt to the needs and requirements of the marketplace, but with creativity and in an innovative way to help our products and services stand out from the rest.

The disappearance of Business borders, the use of internet, increases in exports, and many other reasons. So every business needs to adapt to markets, cultures and work systems which could affect in our business planning and projects.

We know it’s not easy; we need individual and general input from people, entities and institutions to overcome the current situation and be more confident, stronger and reenergized. So this is why we need to work together, with a common goal. This is where we find “Protocol”, we act as an important tool to establish relations between different sectors (Business/institutional), cultures and social classes. We cannot forget that in a world where image, knowledge, values and good business practices are vital, the difference between success and failure is to know how and why we are doing things in a certain way. It’s very important to learn these skills which will help us to behave not only in a personal way but also socially as part of our business strategy.

If we go back to our origins and we think of the Universe as a space where everything happens following different rules, following precise order, we can understand what Human protocol means. The trend in our society is establishing a consensus referring to the way we and others interact and show recognition, thereby enriching spoken and unspoken Communication which, in fact, represents the 80% of our behavior. Because of the training at Protocol, we communicate and we respect each other at all levels, we also create an agreement and recognition of these factors and skills. Which is why we must learn this human ability as an essential way to establish good relations.

The complexity of human relations and its activities or events are so important, that it has always been necessary and as time goes by, even more so, the role of professional Protocol people who have the ability to understand about, not only complex matters, but also using their own abilities in order to understand and adapt to a level of emotional intelligence which permits us to obtain much better results and know how to organize our activities with excellence.

We invite you to participate in our training programme.


· The protocol is an added value.

· Facilitates communication between companies and institutions.

· We need to know what to do at all times "elevator pitch" Protocol ("Epp").

· Know-how and Know-to be makes the difference between success and failure.

· Use our tool, which helps us to know how we behave in 3 areas: personal, social and business.

· Use the protocol as a consensus established by society.

· Verbal and non-verbal communication enriches with the protocol.

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