Providing value to the client through quality audiovisual production

Actualizado: 20 de jul de 2020

Multimedia marketing has become one of the main tools to improve brand awareness, increase customer engagement and improve feedback. We are currently in times of social networks and audiovisual platforms where audiovisual material already accounts for 70% of all content on the network, something that brands and companies should not overlook.

Manatís, a communication company constantly searching for new ways of positioning and expansion, has found in video marketing and multimedia narrative the perfect opportunity to improve communication and offer a more up-to-date service to its clients. With good communication and content planning based on the company's objectives, it is possible to bring value and positioning to the company.

From Manatís we record in 360 with a stereoscope in two large fairgrounds, in Madrid and Barcelona in different stands of different companies to demonstrate all their advantages with the technicians of the Produktia production company. The advantages of this type of communication are endless.

The user is offered user-friendly content that generates greater retention of the message and engagement, since in one minute of video it is shown much more than in a 2,000-word article. The increase of the retention of the audience with the use of this type of tools in the web pages, helps improving the SEO positioning. To this type of advantages, which in itself generates video marketing, Manatís has wanted to go further with 3D, using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) videos. A tool that provides the possibility of showing how the product works and interact with it as if it were a reality, bringing much more visibility with a clearer explanation of the product, configuring a whole process and making it work. Video marketing used in an accepted way can become very important for companies because it builds credibility, trust and allows you to fully explore creativity, innovation and versatility.

For more information contact Jacqueline Ruiz through the email comunicacionmanatis.es or phone 93113582

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