Renewal of the corporate image of an industrial company

On May 1, we won a contest to create the corporate image of two new brands from the Epi Foc industrial group.

The objective was to divide a very powerful brand, Epidor, into two more specialized brands: Epidor Seals & Rubber Technology focused on the product itself and Epidor Technical Distribution focused on serving the product itself.

If we divide the objectives by new brands, the objective of EPIDOR SEALS & RUBBER TECHNOLOGY was to consolidate the image of a sealing specialist “to stop” confusing the end user in the medium term by linking the EPIDOR Brand to other non-SRT products. In addition to modernizing the look and generating a base line that conveys the specialty. While the challenge of EPIDOR TECHNICAL DISTRIBUITION was to transfer a reference company image and sealing base to a distribution network of technical products to the industry. Especially to give a new air, with a color code different from blue and that transmits dynamism, agility, but within an image of seriousness, safety, quality and guarantee in what is worked (ISO). In short, maintaining the essence of the pioneering brand and that the two new brands used the achievements, popularity and positioning achieved so far. As Epidor is perceived as a professional organization, large and present in the market, highly specialized with a high price, not very competitive and present in the mentality of the industrial client as a provider of a wide range of industrial solutions. Following the Manatís working methodology, the first part of the project was to resort to the analytical phase and carry out an investigation, both quantitative and qualitative, to discover those elements that positioned the mother brand. To do this, first of all we segment the brand's audiences and ask them to fill out a short online form in order to measure and quantify the strengths and weaknesses of the current brand. After analyzing the first phase and drawing the conclusions, we called a representative sample from each segment and did a focus group and personalized interviews. In this second phase, it was very important to know the opinions and feelings of each public to extract the values ​​that each new brand should transmit and, above all, make the employees of each company feel comfortable with the change. Sometimes, facing changes is complicated and it takes a more or less long process to assimilate them. In this case, the two brands were very well accepted and all the employees were satisfied to show off the change.

Great challenges that Manatís worked for a couple of months and that has been a job that we are very proud of.

For more information contact Jacqueline Ruiz via email comunicacion@manatis.es or phone 931135821.

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