Team Building beyond the company

Actualizado: 10 de jun de 2020

On April 25 and 27, Manatís organized the After Work of a prestigious business school in Barcelona with the aim of bringing together new students and creating the first links between them and the teachers.

Due to the multiculturalism and internationality of the school, Manatis created an exclusive event whose activities made it possible to learn more about Barcelona's famous city. The event was promoted by the renowned Lluís Soldevila, of whom Manatís has exclusivity. Soldevila motivated and encouraged the conference, achieving active participation from the attendees. In this way, the new students not only tested their knowledge of local culture but also learned and interacted with each other.

After Work is an example of organizing an event in which Team Building is applied. Today, Team Building is a practice capable of improving the organizational climate and that highlights the skills of the members of a work team and that are essential for the organization.

Manatís has been developing this type of action for small, medium and large companies in a personalized way for years, according to the characteristics and objectives of each organization and even works hand in hand with psychologists when an exhaustive assessment is required. In Manatís each team building action is different since each work team is different and needs unique proposals.

For more information contact Jacqueline Ruiz via email communication@manatis.es or by phone 93 113 58 21

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