The french industrual sector trusts in Manatís to organize its anniversary in Barcelona

Groupe Fair, is the fruit of the union of different entrepreneurs from the French industrial sector. This 2019, they are 25 years old and they wanted to celebrate them in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Fair was looking for an expert MICE tourism agency, with experience working for companies in the industrial sector and with knowledge of French. Therefore, it is not surprising that Groupe Fair decided to work with Manatís.

After planning for more than 4 months the organization of the event for October 16, 17 and 18, there was a setback: The trial resolution of "El Procés" shocked Barcelona, ​​resulting in countless demonstrations and street cuts and the convocation of a general vague for October 18, day in which the assistants had to go to the airport to catch their return flights.

Thanks to all the work behind the planning of an event, Manatís was able to carry out the activities planned for the convention, including holding a mojito workshop on a schooner and dining in Montjuic, which involved crossing Barcelona. In addition, to ensure the positive development of the days, he managed that nobody missed his flight back home.

In short, Manatís managed to ensure that Groupe Fair could celebrate its 25 years as it had imagined, and most importantly at events; that despite the setbacks it will be on time.

For more information contact Jacqueline Ruiz via email communication@manatis.es or by phone 93 113 58 21

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