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Actualizado: 9 de jun de 2020

Every established company with a history behind use to perform a commemorative act to allude the goals and challenges archived year on year.

Manatís has helped to realize a dynamic and conceptual act to integrate, with a motivational strategy, all the employees of the different entities of the group, who did not know each other or are rarely related outside of their daily day. Likewise, Manatís, helped to create and transmit a motto for the company.

From the communication agency was created an idea which represents a whole communication strategy. In addition, was exhaustively planned the act protocol and its organization, always with the purpose to create a membership environment and confidence towards the business group.

Were used multimedia and video elements, shows were performed and was applied a team building technique to the assistants, who were involved actively. Also, they made guided visits to the group’s headquarters, where the daily work was shown in first person.

As a result, an effective event was achieved with the appropriate communicative elements selection and motivating the participation of the members attending.

If the desired objective is achieved and satisfaction is reached by both parties, which is usually defined in English as "Win to Win", we are dealing with a professionalism that has been achieved with honesty and an excellent job.

For more information contact Jacqueline Ruiz by email comunicacion@manatis.es or by phone 931135821

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