The industrial sector dresses in fashion

Our work for Tormetal consisted of a visual corporate image change, without neglecting that it is a leading company in the metal fasteners sector, belonging to the renowned business group EPI Industries.

The objective was very clear, according to its CEO, "we want to be the preferred supplier for our availability and reliability of the products, for our efficiency and for the personalization of the management of the fixings of our clients" and for this we consider that we have modified customer perceptions with a makeover, a key factor in deciding to purchase. Our work begins with defining the positioning of the brand and its differentiating attribute, that is why we carry out research forms and as a consequence we initiate the change by modifying the corporate color, because color is a key factor when implementing branding strategies that are effective and complement the strength of elements such as naming or brand message. With this new, more modern image, it further enhances its updated logistics network with the latest technology on the market. We have modified all office supplies such as letter paper, envelopes, business cards, invoices, delivery notes, labels, corporate pens and lanyards; the warehouse material such as the different cardboard boxes, the personalization of the packing seal and the logistics system of SRS (Stock Replenishment Service) was given its own image; And we have also produced original and practical corporate gifts for your clients and internal staff. Little by little we have been increasing the visual impacts of the new image, even creating the labeling of the warehouse, the transport fleet, and the clothing of the warehouse personnel, in short, of all those elements in an effective way, a communication corporate 360ª. For Manatís dressing a client is updating their image, creating a style that approximates their target audiences, entering the world of industrial fashion, so that they stand out not only for their service in such a competitive world where the difference facilitates sale. Good luck Tormetal!

For more information contact Jacqueline Ruiz via email comunicacion@manatis.es or phone 931135821.

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