The speaker Jacqueline Ruiz motivates a group of students of the degree of General Management

Actualizado: 16 nov 2021

The General Director of the company Manatís gives a lecture to the 2nd-grade students of the FP Pejoan school.

Conference by Jacqueline Ruiz at the FP Pejoan Institute

One more year Jacqueline Ruiz, of the communication and protocol company Manatís captures the attention and motivates the students of the degree in the general direction.

During the talk, the speaker transmitted her energy and impetus to the students through her great capacity of persuasion and communication. He wants to convey that every day is a gift and an opportunity to do great things and be able to achieve his goals, with great "touches" of perseverance and commitment.

The importance of doing what you like, as she has done when giving this lecture, was highlighted at all times.

Jacqueline stands out for being present in the communication sector with image campaigns and events for 20 years, working 18 years in the world of official and business protocol and also teaching masters at EAE-Ostelea for 3 years.

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