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The Manatís agency has been working since July for the Catalan Federation of Minority Diseases (FECAMM), a federation that was founded with the purpose of being a health reference.

Currently, after much effort and international negotiations, a project called "Patient 73 Hub" has been developed with the objective of connecting rare disease associations, so that society worldwide is more aware of their existence and to be a means of expression and help.

As a complementary anecdote, we would like to inform that the name of the project is due to the fact that the number 73 is a number called "the best number in the world" and mathematical experts consider it to be unique and special.

We think that what is special and particular is always around us and we feel special by participating.

From Manatís we are delighted to work and be part of the great team of FECAMM. We help in the recruitment and development of this federation, whose contribution to society is of great value.

Manatís has created a team for this project, a highly qualified and committed team that helps at all times in its development, offering all its knowledge to strengthen and expand the organisation.

For more information or to help you in the development of activities like this, send an email to or call 931 13 53 21 to the attention of Jacqueline Ruiz Caballero.


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