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Pushing the limits of science

Manatís has been responsible for the creation and organisation of the scientific conferences of an important leading company in the pharmaceutical sector. Showing the company's raison d'être and its daily struggle to push the boundaries of science through an innovative and effective communication strategy.

The main objective was to show the innovation of the brand and the responsible service offered by its products. Therefore, an exhaustive work of protocol and planning of the event has been carried out with both national and international speakers together with a call for current and potential clients of the company.

Manatís also went a step further by hiring a unique show created for the occasion, as well as the development of the show, which was unique at the time. A boost was given to virtual reality, an element that can be used in the healthcare world to showcase the products offered by the company.

In addition to promoting the virtual world in the creation of the conferences, we helped to create the corporate image and its respective dissemination to reinforce the company's brand image. Any project that we execute is always accompanied by an analysis of its development, in response to the concern that there is a return on investment (ROI). On this occasion there was a very positive response from the attendees, who gave us a score of 4.9 out of 5 during the event, for our organisation and creativity.

This fact leads us to continue looking for clients who believe in our work and their respective creativity, with the maximum humility and dedication that characterises us.

For more information, please contact Jacqueline Ruiz by email at or by phone at 931135821.


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