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Once again Manatis has organized the annual Eusga congress. Our team has been working with this organization since 2015 and is very proud to be part of it.

This year, the convention was held in Beaujolais, a place whose beauty gave us the strength to organize an event that was organized with high precision and good results.

All the members of Eusga were able to transmit their concerns in their own country, after a major pandemic, independently of being the leaders in the sector and maintaining a close working relationship with great ties comparable to a large industrial family.

A lot of knowledge has been shared and we have received the presence of two great speakers and professionals of the sector. We are talking: Denis Mazuyer and Rodrigo Diaz. Whose professional quality has been transmitted at all times.

The rooms and the infrastructure of the hotel helped a lot, and we were treated very professionally at all times.

From the Manatís team we believe that it is important to carry out activities both inside and outside the hotel, so we have carried out teambuilding activities. And we took advantage of their free time to carry out different leisure activities such as a city tour visiting the most emblematic and historical places of the city of Lyon. Always with the support of the local tourist office, both in Beaujolais and Lyon.

In short, all the members had the opportunity to attend and listen to different talks and enjoy the company of all the colleagues within Eusga in order to catch up on all the latest news.

We hope that next year's congress will be as good as this one!

We have already fixed the date and the place and we will be even higher up in Europe.

Can you imagine where?

For more information or to help you with activities like this, send an email to or call Jacqueline Ruiz Caballero on 931 13 53 21..


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