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Elevator Pitch protocol "EPP" triumphs as a communication method for effective knowledge

Businessmen and entrepreneurs enthusiastically welcome this tool at the INNOVEM 2014 fair.

Manatís, communication and protocol agency has participated in the sixth edition of the Innovem Fair 2014, organised by the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of the Balearic Islands as a meeting point around innovation within the professional and business field, held at the Convention Centre of Es Mercadal, Menorca. Specifically, its partner and founder Jacqueline Ruiz, offered a training session as part of the "Elevator Pith Protocolario" programme.

The "Elevator Pitch" is a strategic tool devised by the American Philip B. Crosby as a presentation speech about a project in a short time, the differentiation of the Manatis training in this sense, is not only to know the technique but also that the person applies the knowing how to stay and knowing how to be.

In our daily lives we receive a constant barrage of information: through the media, internet... but nowadays in the 3.0 era, all this communication demands a response, an interaction that due to the current tools (email, social media, etc.), has to be immediate and in this immediacy we lose the ways in which to act with our interlocutors.

Faced with this situation, Jacqueline Ruiz, a specialist in communication and protocol, member of the board of directors of the association of professionals in Catalonia and based on her own experience of more than 20 years in the sector, has developed this method of communication "EPP", which deals with all the elements involved in a presentation. In this sense, the speaker states that "every moment in the business world is like a small event, and as such, you have to be prepared both in the image to be transmitted, as well as in the forms and the message, to create a response".

In the training a great climate of involvement was achieved and everyone agreed on the need for the tool, especially in the peculiarity of its form, being for all of them the EPP a useful tool, easy to assimilate and very necessary for the current business situation.

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