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A practice by companies to build trust and good relations between employees.

In Manatís we highlight for our creativity, because of this we have been using teambuilding actions for years and this time we believe it is necessary to show it.

We wanted not only to promote the working spirit of a team, where goals, objectives and successes are promoted so that they stop being individual and become collective, but this time we promoted a sculpture that represents a peaceful position "standing hand in hand" and that promotes dialogue towards tolerance and mutual understanding between different peoples, cultures and religions. And today more than ever we have to reinforce this.

The sculpture has been created after years of work by the Buddy Bear Foundation, which has seen more than 35 million people visit the friendly coloured bears at 30 exhibitions on 5 continents.

An exhibition of more than 140 buddy bears representing the countries recognised by the United Nations.

The director of Manatís, a communication and corporate events agency, Jacqueline Ruiz Caballero, was appointed ambassador of the Foundation in Spain and was agreeing to organise the exhibition with the Government of Catalonia, but for reasons beyond her control, the last 2 years have slowed down this exhibition and we hope to finally be able to organise it, because we believe that our country promotes values.

For more information or to help you with activities like this, send an email to or call 931 13 53 21 to the attention of Jacqueline Ruiz Caballero.

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