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Conference on business protocol at the INS. EHTB

The short lecture on business protocol and how to act, developed by the professional Ms. Jacqueline Ruiz, CEO of Manatís and member of the governing board of ACPRI protocol professionals, had a rewarding outcome at the INS EHTB, where it was highlighted how business protocol helps to facilitate relationships between people.

It was mainly discussed that, nowadays, what makes the difference between success and failure is knowing how to do and knowing how to be; it is much more important to learn the tools that help us to know how to behave on a personal, social and business level.

At an event, if we are aware of how it is organised and how to behave, we will only need to know its purpose, i.e. the objectives we want to achieve and its raison d'être, which, after all, is the essence of the creation of an event.

Unfortunately, the short time left some topics to talk about, but Ms. Jacqueline Ruiz selflessly offered to hold other conferences if necessary.

However, if you have any questions, please contact her at comunicació or through her website


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